Mini 4 inch IP PTZ Intelligent High Speed Dome Camera

Model: DR-IPHNW550
Categories: Engineering-Level IP Camera


Mini 4 inch IP PTZ Intelligent High Speed Dome Camera
1. Full aluminum design, can dissipate heat more sufficiently; Black inner-shell can monitor more sharply  
2. Adopt 32-bit Microprocessor and integrated network module, genuine hardware compression                  
3. H.264 compression format, compatible with WMV media form and support common Media Players         
4. D1/CIF dual-stream image format (CIF/352*288,D1/704x576)               
5. Support various of net protocols, like TCP/IP 、HTTP、DHCP 、LAN 、DSL, etc.               
6. Owning auto restart function with watchdo built-in, and stop system ending thorouhly.                  
7. Built in OSD menu and support inputting with English; Password protection for OSD menu; Dome Information query function                  
8. Built-in auto thermostatic control system with patent                    
9. 360°rotation, 90°Vertical(180°Auto flip) Max.300°/s editable                 
10. 200 preset position with editable title; 4 patrol tracking routes, every can insert 32 spots                
11. 4 Pattern scan routes, each can record 100 consecutive moves; indication for recording process 00/100.  
12. 4 auto level scan routes with left & right spacing                  
13. 8dynamic privacy zone can be setup                
14. Integrated with multi-protocol; Hard & Soft address design.              
15. Position-indicating function, temperature indicator function, information display function                   
16. Alarm system with 4 input and 2 output channel                  
17. Power memory function, automatically recover the original status if power failure.                 
18. Wide voltage design(DC12V~AC24V)
19. 3 class lightning proof; IP 66 outer cover with all day protection