IR Waterproof IP Camera Item#DRIPC506

Model: DRIPC506
Categories: Household IP Camera

Model: DRIPC506    IR Waterproof IP Camera

It adopts H.264 Main Profile@Level3.0 compression format, support one way audio, mobile phone view, provide analog video output interface, standard IR lens, night vision distance up to 40m, support UPNP, motion detection, email alarm etc.
 -32-bits RISC processor and special video encoder which can be up to 3M pixels encoding performance.
 -Support H.264 Main
Profile@Level3.0 compression format, bit rate is smaller, and the image is more clear. It is more convenient for transferring through Internet and save more storage space. 
 -D1/CIF/QCIF resolution optional. User can change some specification according to their demands to satisfy his own visual prefer.
 -Support PAL/NTSC CCD

 -Support 3 kinds of video stream, suitable for Local, Internet and Cross-platform view.
 -Support to connect external audio capturing device (like MIC phone or sound pick-up) to capture the audio. External speaker can play the voice sent to the live scene, to achieve two-way intercom function. Audio support G.711 and G.726 types.
 -Infrared LED for night vision covers 40m area, to realize 24 hours monitoring.
 -Support waterproof class of IP66.
 -Built-in web server, support video view and parameter settings by browser; use one port to send all the data, it facilitates network setting.
 -Support 802.11b/g/n protocol, can build up wireless monitoring.
 -Support mobile phone watching.
 -Support UPNP, port forwarding automatically on the router.
 -Support maxim 32G SD card for video and picture storage.
 -Motion detection and alarm pin can be connected to external sensors to detect environmental situation.
 -Alarming record can be stored by email, SD card, and FTP server. External alarm can be open when detecting unusual situation. It also sends alarm info to the alarm server.
 -Support three level of user authority.
 -Support upgrading online.
 -Manufacture provide a free DDNS url, when IP
Camera is connected to the internet, this URL can be used to visit the device.
 -Manufacture provides free software, support Multi-view, Long time recording, video replay etc.
 -Support video view by other browsers like as Firefox, safari etc.